RSS Retriever

RSS Retriever is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to import RSS feeds with built-in AI technology support. It is your perfect solution for autoblogging.

AI Integration

Enhance autoblogging capabilities with the integrated AI technologies when importing content from RSS feeds. Auto-generate summaries, headlines, or even complete articles and translate them into other languages.

Smart Media

Use AI to analyze your article content and intelligently select relevant YouTube videos, Creative Commons images from Google Images and Pixabay, or create unique ones using Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL∙E.

HTML Templates

Use HTML templates and special shortcodes to define the HTML markup of your added WordPress posts. Take complete control over the structure to create posts exactly the way you want them.

Dashboard Screenshots

Take a look at the following screenshots to get an idea of the range of features and tools provided by the RSS Retriever plugin

RSS, Atom

Unparalleled reliability

RSS Retriever excels at importing and parsing a wide variety of RSS and Atom feeds, whether they adhere to standard or extended structures. The key requirement is that they aren't protected from parsing by scripts. As the CyberSEO family member, the plugin uses its own RSS parser, which is able to import even those feeds that are difficult for other plugins using popular RSS engines like SimplePie. In cases where the imported feed is accessible only through a web browser, RSS Retriever allows you to overcome this hurdle by using a fake user agent, emulating your desired browser or a web crawler like Google's.


Article processing with AI

With RSS Retriever, OpenAI GPT (ChatGPT), Anthropic Claude, Gemini Pro and all LLMs available through including Mixtral and many others, you're not just importing articles. You're opening the door to a world of content possibilities. Use OpenAI GPT to generate in-depth reviews, engaging blog posts, news updates, informative guides, persuasive advertisements, entertaining storytelling, insightful opinion pieces, educational tutorials, SEO-optimized content, social media posts, and email newsletter content – all based on the articles you import. RSS Retriever and ChatGPT redefine content creation, making it dynamic, diverse, and tailored to your needs.


Unlimited AI-powered media sources

RSS Retriever goes beyond standard content import. It seamlessly integrates advanced AI technologies such as Midjourney, DALL∙E 3 and Stable Diffusion XL AI to generate unique images for your articles. The plugin does more than just manipulate images; it automatically incorporates high-quality, full-size photos from Pixabay's extensive library of two million images. It also searches Google Images for Creative Commons-licensed images and YouTube for videos that match the content of your post or specified keywords. The plugin uses artificial intelligence to find the best images to complement your articles, analyzing their content for relevance and quality.


RSS Retriever is a streamlined and lightweight, yet very powerful solution with support for all major AI technologies.

Full-Text Articles

Automatically extract full-text articles from RSS feed excerpts or define custom rules for container-tag extraction.

Custom Post Types

Supports all WordPress custom post types and taxonomies, including WooCommerce's "product" type.

Content Filtering

Filter imported articles by creation date, text length, and the presence or absence of keywords in the text and tags.

Built-in Synonymizer

Use your own tables of synonyms in the built-in Synonymizer & Rewriter to synonymize, rewrite, and replace any part of the text.

Advanced Media Handling

You can hotlink individual images, image galleries and videos from their original sources or download them to your own server.

Machine Translation

Translate the imported content to almost any language using OpenAI GPT, Anthropic Claude, Google Gemini Pro, Google Transale, Yandex Translate and DeepL services.

Post Structure Customization

Fully customize the generated post structure by using HTML templates and shortcodes, removing unwanted HTML blocks, and stripping tags.

Content Spinners

Use the WordAi, SpinnerChief, X-Spinner, SpinRewriter and ChimpRewriter content spinners to protect your AI-generated content from GPT detectors.

Post Thumbnail Generation

Create post thumbnails from original article images, images from Google, Pixabay and YouTube, or create your own with Midjourney, DALL∙E and Stable Diffusion.


Native integration with the Polylang and WPML plugins makes it easy to create and populate multilingual autoblogs with content.


Create tags on the basis of categories, as well as automatically generate them on the basis of the content of imported articles.

Parse WordPress Archives

Import all of the available posts from the WordPress archives, including all of the old posts that are not included in the current RSS feed.

Meta Descriptions

Use Artificial Intelligence to generate meta descriptions for Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, The SEO Framework and SEOPress based on the content of your posts.



Use Spintax in your HTML post templates, custom field rules and also when you are writing prompts for OpenAI GPT, Midjourney, DALL∙E, and Stable Diffusion.

Time Control

Automatically adjust the creation time of imported posts, making them appear "older" or scheduling them for the future, while also setting a lifespan after which imported posts will be deleted.

Bulk Operations

Effortlessly edit individual options for selected feeds in bulk, and easily import and export their settings for seamless transfer between websites.

Proxies and Headres

Use proxy lists, set fake user agents to emulate browsers and bots, define referrer URLs, and customize header fields when importing feeds.

Custom Fields

Assign values to custom fields in posts, set them from XML tags or from the text of the article, using regex or HTML element value extraction.


After completing your purchase, you will get instant access to download the plugin, provided by, ensuring the latest version.

1 site license


All features

  • A licence for 1 site
  • All RSS Retriever features
  • A free dedicated support
  • Free updates
  • A one-time payment, no rebills

100 site license


Maximum savings

  • A licence for 100 sites
  • All RSS Retriever features
  • A free dedicated support
  • Free updates
  • A one-time payment, no rebills
You can use these licenses to install the plugin on your personal sites, on your company's sites, and on your customers' sites. Please note that once activated, the plugin cannot be transferred to another URL. On the other hand, you are free to resell or transfer your RSS Retriever license to other person or company along with the site it was activated at. Developers are allowed to use their non-unlimited RSS Retriever license on their client's website as long as the total number of websites doesn't exceed the license limit. Please note that the plugin cannot be executed on a localhost. It requires a live URL, as it interacts with online resources.

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